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Racing Live Android App Review


Racing Live was one of the top apps in the iPhone app store for a long time.  It even held the #1 spot fora while and was very popular for the iPhone.  This app has since been converted to work with the Android platform for Android phone users everywhere to enjoy and play.  Racing Live starts you out as a novice street racer and works your way up to become the king of the streets in the Racing Live World.  The thing that made this game so popular, and continues to make it popular, is the massive multiplayer online racing capability it has.  You can join over 4.2 million players which makes it extremely to race other players live at any time.

The game is very fun and addictive as it is loaded with many features to keep you interested. There are hours of on going strategic play to try and move yourself up the pecking order of the racing world.  The multiplayer against other people is so easy to use and you can invite friends who have the game to race with you and build up their status as well.This game is a great way to have fun on line as well as a great way to pass the time with a fun and addictive type game that really makes for a good time.


  • This is a fantasy role play game by Storm 8.
  • your objective is to start out as a novice racer and work your way up to a pro racer
  • trick out and beef up cars and parts along with investing in the city to fund these purchases
  • you can invite others to join your group by sharing your online code
  • the game does not offer 3d racing, but it is more a strategy game which is still very fun
  • as you advance through the levels it becomes more difficult and time consuming to continue advancing
  • watch your fuel, integrity, and focus
  • there is an agent showing your loyalty and he can refill your fuel, integrity, and focus from prestige points that you collect or buy
  • race other players around the worlds to gain more money and street credit

This game is very intuitive and very fun for the type of people that like role playing games.  Definitely give this one a shot!


This app is FREE for the android and has been given a 5 out of 5 star rating by other Android users.

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