More Pizza! iPhone app Review


You’ve baked cupcakes and cookies but if you want a meal, More Pizza! is the iphone app for you!  This great entertainment app transforms your iPhone into a real pizzeria.  Start by choosing your crust, ladling on the sauce, adding all the toppings you want and don’t forget to include plenty of cheese.  Your own virtual oven bakes it and brings it to you piping hot, ready for you to have a mouth-watering slice.   After you take a picture of your fabulous pizza creation, you can save it to your photo library or serve it up and take bites out of it.  You can even email the whole pizza or just a single slice to your friends and family.  As you set things up, you get to choose the type and color of tablecloth as well as the type of plate you want to serve your pizza on – create your own special dining. atmosphere. 

There are so many features, you might have difficulty choosing, or you just might have to make lots of pizza to try everything out!  For instance, you begin with 13 different style of crust, including French bread, whole wheat, thin, hand-tossed, deep dish, and cheesy.  You can make dessert pizzas with the sugar cookie, chocolate chip cookie, heart shaped or even bunny cookie dough crusts.  There are 10 flavors of sauce to add to your pizza, from red, white, or pesto to cream cheese and chocolate icing.  Choose from 7 different cheeses and over 50 toppings, such as classic pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms to more exotic bbq chicken and sun dried tomatoes.  The dessert pizzas can have strawberries, jelly beans and even gummy worms!  After baking, you can sprinkle on Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper or frosting.  Want a big slice?  you can choose to slice it into 8, 6, or only 4 slices, or just eat the whole thing at once!  You can even set the oven timer to customize the baking options, but don’t leave it in for too long or you will burn the crust. 


  • Oven with timer controls
  • 13 styles of crust
  • 10 flavors of sauce
  • 7 different cheese toppings
  • 50 different delicious toppings
  • Add several items after baking
  • Slice it up the way you like it
  • Send photos of your pizza to share it with friends
  • 9 tablecloths for serving
  • 12 different plates to choose from
  • Special Easter options available now


More Pizza! for iPhone entertainment app might just send you to the nearest pizza place to satisfy your cravings! Become a pizza artist as you create masterpieces. More Pizza! is currently rated 4+ stars by iPhone app users and runs about $0.99.

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Cookie Doodle app Review


Making cookies is something we all enjoy, but what about the mess?  Cookie Doodle solves that problem for you with absolutely no mess!  This fun iPhone app provides the rolling pin, cookie dough, your choice of frostings, candies, and sprinkles, and of course the cookie cutters for you.  Not only that, you can take your cookies everywhere you go!  This fun cookie game app brings you a package complete with seventeen cookie dough choices that are absolutely delicious!  There are classic cookie doughs such as chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal-raisin, and more creative cookie doughs such as Red Velvet, M&M candy dough and Dog Treat. You can even turn your own photos into a new kind of cookie dough.  If that isn’t enough, try some of the twenty-five frosting flavors, from white French Vanilla and Dark Chocolate to Purple, Sour Apple Green, Rocket Red or Sapphire.

Those basic choices give you over four-hundred basic choices of just cookie dough with frosting.  But wait – next it is time to get crazy and add the cookie shape with your choice of cookie cutters.  You can use the traditional cookie cutters, with seven choices for Christmas, 10 choices for Valentine’s Day or even six choices for St. Patrick’s Day.  Or, you can go out on a limb and get wild with cookie cutters in the shapes of hats, fruit, fish, animals, flowers, foods, nature items like the moon or a rainbow, all the letters of the alphabet, toys and many more.  There are at least 85 different cookie-cutter shapes for you to choose from, and you can see them all when you swipe your finger across the menue. Next, you get to put on the toppings, yummy!  Here your choices are from a variety of colors of hearts, stars, M & Ms, sprinkles, red hots, jimmies and more.  As you can see, the possibilities are practically endless.

This iPhone app comes with a Ronco rolling pin, so your cookie dough rolls out to the perfect thickness every time.  The vintage oven never burns a cookie while it bakes for you.  After baking, choose a frosting and then add a topping.  You can give the finished items to friends and family or even save it in your own photo album.


  • Rolling pin and oven
  • Seventeen Cookie Doughs to choose from
  • Twenty-five flavors of frosting
  • Over 85 individual cookie cutters
  • Toppings in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Easter update coming soon
  • Easy to use


This simple game app is a great one for kids, especially around the holidays.  If you are a mom on the go and your kids are craving cookies, you will have them at your fingertips with the Cookie Doodle app which is currently rated 4+ out of 5 stars by iPhone app users.  Download it for $0.99.

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