Starhawk Uplink

Starhawk Uplink is brought to you by Sony Computer Entertainment America. It is considered the only official application for the successful PS3 shooter game, Starhawk. This free app would allow you to follow your account information and performance as well as the performance of your friends on Starhawk. It also allows you to keep up with what is happening in the Starhawk community while you are not at home. Simply login to the Starhawk Uplink application and you can view all the recent announcements, news and events.

Here are some of the features of Starhawk Uplink:

– It allows you to view clan stats and players’ stats.

– The ability to view the recent announcements and news.

– Allows you to be updated with recent events taking place.

– You don’t need to have a PS3 or the game to use the application.

– You can view the weapons’ stats of your friends.

– Check the ranking of your clan mates and friends.

– To view invitations to clans and to locate clans to challenge or join forces with.

– Allows you to connect to the numerous official pages of Starhawk on different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, PS blog and the Starhawk official blog.

The main advantage of this application that it allows you to stay connected with the world of Starhawk when you are in a vacation or away from your PS3. This way, you will not miss a thing.

Overall rating is 4.7/5. Mainly because of its various features and the ability to follow Starhawk whenever and wherever you are.

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