Network Signal Booster


Network Signal Booster by Sounds Inc. is actually a life saver. Whenever you are in a deserted place and you can’t get a network signal on your cell phone, then this is the application that you need.


This application allows you to attain better signal for your cell phone and increases the speed of your internet almost on the spot. One of its advantages is that it works for WiFi, Edge and 3G connections. This makes it suitable for almost every smart phone out there. What this application basically does is that it drops the connection that you have and replaces it with a better and a faster one. Whether it’s a WiFi router nearby or a closer cell tower that has a stronger signal, this will result in a better network signal and a faster internet connection.

Another advantage is that it helps you save your battery’s energy because when you have a weak signal or a slow internet connection, this actually drains your battery very fast. So when your signal becomes stronger and your internet faster, it will save your battery’s energy so it can last longer.


A lot of people are skeptical that an app would be able to actually enhance the network signal or increase internet speed but those who tried it were surprised. You are recommended to try it out and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Overall Rating 4/5.

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Network Signal Booster, 6.5 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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