Bass Fishing 3D

Bass Fishing 3D is brought to you by Pascal Inc. This game is a very dynamic and an interactive bass boat fishing and driving game. It is a full 3D game so you can enjoy fishing and driving your bass boat in 3D. 

The features of Bass Fishing 3D 

– The game contains three different levels that the player can play while being in the challenge mode.

– There are three different kinds of lure that the player can choose from.

– There are seven types of fish that the player can try to catch.

– Driving and steering the boat itself while fishing.

– The player gets to choose his own casting point.

– There is a hint system that would give precious tips to amateurs.

– There are 10 choices of lures that the player can choose form. They include shallow, bottom, deep and top lures.

– The camera goes under the water when the player is retrieving his catch.

– The player has to choose the most suitable climate and time in order to catch the bass.

– The 3D graphics gives the player a much better and a more enjoyable experience while playing.

This game would give you the most realistic sport fishing experience. The game is free for a limited time, so make sure to download it while it is still free.

Overall rating is 4/5.

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Bass Fishing 3D, 8.3 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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