Ramps iPhone App Review


If you love games, you will love the new game called ramps.  This game is made for the iphone, ipad, and the ipod touch.  This game is super fun and is currently on sale, so there has never been a better time to buy it.  The game also just had a major update, which adds functionality and fun to the already amazing game.  There are now 100 more levels, and 300 more challenges.  This really adds a huge dimension to the game which makes it super fun to be able to play.  New content is also constantly added which makes the game a never ending piece of amazing fun.

This game is very addictive as you can literally just pick it up and play.  The game uses a physics engine which is based on the 2007 original played by nearly a million people worldwide.  This game has you positions and rotate the ramps to guide your ball into the goal, which allows you to also avoid treacherous enemies and seemingly impossible terrain that you have to get through. This game will keep you coming back as the game is easy to play and each level offers you a different playing experience to be able to keep having fun.  This game really keeps you coming back, and gives you a lot of plyaing time so that you won’t get bored quickly and so that you will have a fun game to play when you need to kill some time.


* 100 levels in two exciting worlds, with more on the way!
* Tons of surprises at every turn to test your physics puzzler chops!
* Prove your mastery by conquering all 300 challenges!
* Full Retina display support with gorgeous, high-quality artwork!
* Show off your scores and achievements with Game Center!
* Absorb the awesomeness of Essa’s chiptune soundtrack!

Get Ramps now, and pull up a comfy chair… your wits will be battle-tested for hours! The game is very clean and easy to understand with easy controls.  This makes it possible for any type of person to be able to literally pick up this game and play it without an issue. The physics engine is great and really keeps you into the gameplay of the game.


This game costs $.99 cents and has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating and has been reviewed by many players who have downloaded this app and have played it.

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