8mm Vintage Camera iPhone App Review


One of the coolest things that the new phones do is take pictures.  That’s right, phones are getting better cameras than ever, and now you just need your phone to take some great looking pictures.  Well when it comes to the iphone, the camera is excellent, but now you can add some fun things to the menu in order to get some fun results from the pictures that you take.  There is an app called 8mm Vintage Camera which can make any picture look like and old time movie.  That’s right, this app takes the camera that you have on your phone and turns your pictures into a masterpiece with some vintage colors and washed out effects to make the picture look super old.

This app has been voted as one of the top 10 camera phone apps out there, so this app is definitely worth picking up.  The app has a viewfinder which allows you to see live what the picture will look like before you take it.  The lenses are also bundles, which gives you clean, flickering fram, spotlight, light leak and color fringing.  The films lets you get 5 grainy, discolored, dusted, and aged films from different era’s which include the 1920’s, 70’s, Sakura, XPro, and Siena.  The jitter button also adds random up and down displacement of frames to imitate real 8mm projectors. The app also can add sounds to give the pictures some extra authenticity, which makes the video like a silet movie , or use the microphone only.


• Swap lenses and films at any time
• Trigger frame jitter during recording
• Turn on/off flash on supported devices
• Switch between front and back cameras on supported devices
• Tap to focus and adjust exposure
• Export options: Save to Camera Roll, email, or share on YouTube
• Transfer movies quickly to computer via iTunes File Sharing
• Support video geo-tagging when location service is on

This app is very easy to use and makes taking picture more fun than it has ever been, so if you love to use the camera on your phone, you will absolutely love this app.  So get with the program and download this app today!


This app is only $1.99 from the itunes app store, and has been given a solid 4 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users that have downloaded this app and that have tried it out and then rated it.

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