ZombieSmash iPhone app Review


Zombie games seem to be picking up speed in the smartphone world because they are just so entertaining.  In the ZombieSmash iPhone app you take the place of Joey, a single survivor from the huge zombie outbreak.  Your only chance at survival is to kill as many of the zombies as you can as they advance on your humble abode.  You will need to use an assortment of items, weapons, and fast finger flicking to get rid of all the zombies and rack up the score.  There are over twenty different items and upgrades that you can use to help destroy the zombies.  These upgrades include wrecking balls, asteroids, huge boulders, liquid nitrogen, and you can even combine some of these items to create an unstoppable zombie smashing machine!

This is a comical game that keeps your fingers flashing all over the screen while making you laugh as  you come up with different ways to destroy more zombies.  This is one of the best iPhone apps when it comes to mixing realistic physics and addicting gameplay.  You get some hilarious zombie deaths with cartoony blood included.  It is less gory and more entertaining and just adds to the overall flavor of the game.  The game is complemented with an impressive soundtrack and fun sound effects that make the zombie kills that much more satisfying.


  • There are three different game modes that you can choose from and they all have a large amount of replay value so you won’t get sick of them.  They are the Campaign Mode, the Endless Siege Mode, and the Sandbox Mode
  • The Campaign Mode is the part of the game where you have to survive for an entire month (31 days) while holding off the zombie hordes that are relentlessly coming at you
  • The Endless Siege Mode is where you just destroy zombies for as long as you can until they finally overrun you and add you to their numberless victims
  • The Sandbox Mode allows you to just annihilate all of the zombie hordes with an assortment of tools and weapons without having to worry about getting hurt
  • There are 2o different upgrades and items that you can use to help you get rid of the Zombies as they advance on your home and your property
  • There are some interesting social options that can be taken advantage on the online community including Playhaven and Chillingo’s Crystal
  • You can also take pictures of your favorite zombie destruction moments and share them with friends over this social network


Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and can be downloaded for $1.99.

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