Wifi Analyzer Android App Review


With the Android phone, the Android platform boasts a very fast ability to download via wifi networks that are in the area.  While the Android can show you which wifi networks are in range, wouldn’t it be nice to see which ones have the strongest signal?  The reason you would need this information is if you need to download a large file and want to make sure you don’t cut out of the download half way into it because of a faulty wifi connection.  Well this app is for all you wifi nerds out there that want the best connection possible.  The App is called wifi analyzer and it is for the Android phone platform.

This app offers multiple interfaces to make seeing which wifi network has the strongest signal and the fastest speed.  The interface is also very easy to understand and the app is a small file size which wont use up processor power and kill your battery.  The first screen you see shows you a scrolling line graph of the wireless networks around you and the signal strength.  The channels of the wifi signal are also shown so that you can find a less crowded network to connect to which will decrease the chances of a disconnect.  The next screen is a gauge to show you the strength of just one access point to help you root out those nasty dead zones that wifi networks have.  The last screen shows you which channel you r current acces point is on and which is the best choice for you with the least amount of interference.


  • get detailed information on wifi networks close to you
  • several interface screens to make the interpreting of data very easy and helpful
  • all of the screens have helpful options such as sorting, snapshots, and filters.
  • you can also change the settings of the scan interval, channel slector, and letting the program know when to turn on wifi by itself when you access it.

As you can see, this app is perfect for people that need a very stable wifi connection and can mean the difference between getting an important file and not getting one.  Don’t get caught in a bad wifi zone and this app will help you to do this.


This app is FREE and has been given a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating by Android users everywhere that have used this app on their own.

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