WaveSecure Mobile Security App Review for Android


This is one of the best phone security apps we have seen in a long time.  The app is called WaveSecure Mobile Security and is made for the Android phone platform.  This app is not only an anti-theft app, but it is a security app that protects your phone data and privacy in the event that you lose or have your phone stolen.  How does the app work?

The app tracks SIM changes, locks, backups, wipes, and restores data on your phone.  You can also find you r lost phone via a secure website as the site will show you the exact GPS location of your lost phone.  The app can offer you remote fuctions once you have already lost the phone such as being able to lock, locate, and wipe the phones sensitive data.  You can also remotely backup your contacts, SMS, and call logs as well as protect your media uploads and uninstall protection on the phone.  The only con to this app that we can see at this time is that it costs $19.90 a year.


  • If you forget your phone this is the app that you need as you can secure the phone from a remote source to make sure people don’t steal sensitive information
  • you can set the app to do daily backups of your information
  • app is battery sensitive and does not drain battery
  • backup your media
  • backup pictures
  • backup ring tones
  • even after you wipe your phone remotely, you can easily restore all of the information once you get the phone back into your possession
  • you can log onto a secure website and find the coordinates of your phone as well as lock the screen and wipe it remotely
  • if someone tries to change the SIM card, it tells you the number and locks the phone automatically so no one else can use it.

This app is by far the best android security app we have seen hit the shelves as it has so much to offer the user.  If you are the type of person that loses their phone alot or that has extremely sensitive information on your phone, this app is definitely for you as you can rest with ease knowing that you phone is safe as well as the information on it.


This app costs $19.90 a year and has been given a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating by Android phone users everywhere.

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