Warlords: Call To Arms iPhone app Review


Have you ever wished that you lived in a fantasy world with elves, orcs, and other goblin creatures?  The truth is that they don’t exist, except for in quality made games such as the Warlords: Call to Arms iPhones app.  In the Warlords game you will be able to pick your race (elves, orcs, humans, or trolls) and lead them into battle!  This is a flash game that has become extremely popular and is very addicting.  You will get to lead your fantasy warriors into combat and use strategies and weapons in order to defeat your enemies.  You will have to be smart about you flanking and character usage in order to over take the enemy and force them to surrender.

This is one of the best strategy iPhone apps on the market today.  Live out your dreams and download the Warlords: Call to Arms iPhone app today!


  • There are over 8 different races that you can choose from when playing this fantasy app.  The main four that you can pick are the elves, the orcs, the trolls, and the humans.  Each has different abilities and different combat units.  Try them all and then decide which one fits your style of play the best, or master all eight of them
  • Once you have chose a race you will then get to pick what kinds of units you would like to have fighting for you.  you can use between 19 different combat units including archers, mages, swordsman, and even the dominant Giant Troll.  This game offers a lot of variety and strategy because of the amounts of units you can play with
  • There are 28 different countries that you can overrun and conquer.  Once you have beat them all you will have mastered the campaign map
  • The sound effects in the game really help bring it to life.  You will hear swords clash against each other, arrows whiz through the air, and horses neigh as they are charging into battle
  • There are some very fluid animations during the battle scenes and you will love watching your huge armies take each other down out on the combat area
  • This app supports Open Feint integration so that you can get a variety of different awards and achievements
  • You can also visit shops inbetween battles in order to upgrade your units and get them weapons and armor that are more powerful.  You can also get new units at these shops to help your army become more effective


Voted 4 1/2 stars by iPhone users and currently costs only $1.99 to download for mobile use

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