Vlingo: Words to Action Android App Review


The android platform is continuing to impress phone users everywhere with the speed and power that it harnesses.  Now and again there is an app that comes out that impresses, and the new Vlingo: words to action app for the android platform is one of those apps.  This app brings accuracy and intelligence to turn your audible words into action.  All you have to do is tap the home screen widget and speak to send texts and e-mails.  You can even update twitter or facebook, or even call someone just by the commands and use of you voice.  The app even reads text messages and e-mails to you while you are driving.  This type of app is perfect for people who travel alot, so that they don’t have to get distracted texting as they can text with their voice.  This app is also greater for older people that hate the touch screen and want to just use their voice to command the phone to do things

The app is pretty amazing as it allows you to do all of these things with you voice.  The accuracy of the speech recognition is really amazing and you won’t find yourself repeating all of your phrases and other sentences over and over like other speech recognition software.


  • Voice control for the android smartphone, and we mean you can control everything on the platform with your voice using this app
  • great accurate voice to text app which lets you speak out text messages, dial people, tweet, and do even more
  • the app will speak incoming text messages and emails so that you can drive safely
  • there is a super dialer searches business aggregating address, maps, nav, and phone number information included with the app
  • this app can be integrated with any text input that you may use on your phone

The only thing we didn’t like about this app is that it does not support blue-tooth voice dialing and you have to tap that you are done when you finish speaking.  Aside from these two setbacks the app really is a feat to behold and will definitely make life easier and safer for many many people.  With many states making it illegal to text while driving, this is a great way to solve that problem.


This app costs $9.99 and has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating by other android users.

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