Virtual Families iPhone app Review


The Virtual Families iPhone app is a little family simulation that lets you pick your own little players and help them succeed in life.  You can pick out of thousands of little virtual people and help them to choose a profitable career where they can start saving up for bigger expenses.  Help your character to provide for themselves as far as necessities and luxuries go and then help them find a suitable partner.  Once you have chosen a person to marry then you can help them raise a family and start enjoying the happiness that comes from having little kids.  You can follow them out to family outings as well as help them to take care of their home and make it better.  This game is fun because among all the good things you are trying to do with the family, you will still have to deal with life as it throws you curve balls.   You will have to fix house problems, injuries, natural disasters, and a variety of different mini puzzles that the game offers to keep it fresh and interesting.  The popular mac and PC game has finally made it to the mobile market and you will find yourself playing for hours on end in order to help this family overcome the struggles of life and live peacefully and happily.

One of the great things about this app is that it will continue to run in real time even when your phone is asleep.  That way you can constantly check up on them and see their progress no matter where you are what time of the day it is.


  • This game is all in real-time, so you can follow it throughout the day
  • The people that you decide to follow can all be trained a certain way so that they can become the people you want them to.  Scold them when they do something wrong and praise them for the good things
  • You can decide who your people marry.  That means you can marry because you want more money, or because you want them to fall in love
  • There are a variety of injuries and illnesses that will hit your little family so you will have to be the resident doctor in order to help them out
  • You will get to raise children and send them off to school as they get older
  • Make changes to the house and improve it to increase its overall value
  • There are a variety of different puzzles that you can find and solve around the house
  • Life will give you unpredictable events that you will have to deal with every so often
  • There are over 100 different trophies that you can get as you progress through the game


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $1.99 to download

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