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Most smartphones have a camera that allows you to take pictures.  The android phones have been known to have high megapixel cameras built into them to help you take great looking pictures.  Well what about editing these pictures on your phone?  You can’t unless you have the power of an app that will allow you to edit pictures in your gallery.  Well now there is an app, and its free which will help you to edit you pictures by adding camera effects to your photos to give them the look you are wanting. The app is called Vignette for the Android platform and it allows you to mess with your pictures.

There are lots of really neat visual effects that you can add to your camera phone photos.  You can import pictures from your gallery to apply effects to them.  The app allows you a 10X digital zoom into your pictures to be able  to get the look and feel you need.  You can even geotag your location with the photos using this app. The biggest setback to this app is that the pro version is the only version that can handle a 5 megapixel resolution.  This is kind of lame because a lot of the android phones have a 5 megapixel resolution which almost forces you to buy this app to be able to use it with your camera.


  • there are several different camera effects that can be added to your photos which can make them look very different.  The build in filters and effects really makes the photos look like they were taken with a special camera instead of your phone.
  • vignette effects which focus attention at the center of the frame
  • porta which gives a smooth skin tone for flattering portraits
  • velvia gives vivid colors for natural photographs
  • liford is a classic black and white filter
  • there are also more filters such as toy camera, vintage, color highlight, tinted monochrome, lens effects, cinematic and even customize filters by combining them

There are also some photo frame options such as rounded corners, oval shapes and Polaroid photo borders to help make your pictures pop and stick out to your friends and family.  The app is a lot of fun to take some great pictures with your phone and will have you taking more pictures than ever before.


This is a very decent app that costs nothing to try out and then costs $2.99 if you want the whole thing.  This app has gotten a perfect 5 out of 5 rating.

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