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Do you love music and like apps like Pandora and grooveshark?  Well if you wnat to bring even more music technology to your Android phone, you need the new UMusic Android App.  This app allows you to have free unlimited access to millions of songs in many different languages.  It is able to pull streaming songs from youtube and plays just the audio to save you some internet bandwidth.  This also helps saver your battery life to just play the music instead of streaming the videos as well.  UMusic also allows you play music on the background and even allows you to play the music with your screen turned off.

Some of the pros to this app are first of all that the idea is genius.  You can stream high quality audio or videos off of YouTube and you can play music in the background even while the screen is asleep.  You can also stop when a call comes in and then resume when the call is over.

There are a few cons, but that is true of any app that you use these days.  The first is that you have to manually create and manage play lists instead of having a more automatic function.  You also don’t get artist or song information which is retarded, but that’s Youtube for ya.  There is also no icon in notification window.

This app essentially creates a free music player using the vast numbers of videos on Youtube that are specific to artists and music.  You can search for your favorite artist or song title and this app will find the correct song and play a high quality version of it if it s available.  The app can automatically create playlists or shuffle the music or play the music at a completely random level.


  • stream high quality video or audio
  • automatically make playlists
  • randomly play songs in playlists
  • see what videos or songs are popular
  • essentially creates a free music player for you phone
  • stops when a call comes in and resumes when the call is over.

As you can see this music app is very useful for the person that is sick of Pandora, Slacker, or Last FM.  This is a great replacement app for those apps and allows you to see the music videos if you wish.


This app costs $1.99 and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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