The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook iPhone App Review


All of us have had a cookies or brownies from a Betty Crocker mix and have just smiled in pleasure as these tasty little treats melt in your mouth.  Well many people, if not all of us, have had something from a betty crocker recipe that we have either liked or loved.  Well wouldn’t it be fun to have access to betty crocker recipes to use to make food from home?  Well instead of buying expensive cookbooks, there is a FREE app for the iphone to help you accomplish this task.  If you love to cook, but want some ideas, or even if you arent an experienced cook, this app is perfect for either situation.

The Betty Crocker app puts more than 9,000 recipes at your fingertips complete with recipe ingredients and directions on how to make the dish.  The app is lightning quick and it does not require a wireless or 3g connection to operate which makes it fantastic to take anywhere to be able to cook up something truly tasty wherever you are.  If you are looking to make breakfast, dinner, an appetizer, or a dessert, you are only seconds away from a fantastic recipe wherever you are with the help of this app fro the iphone.


  • the betty crocker mobile cookbook is simple and easy to use
  • recipe search which allows you to know what you want to make.  See how betty makes it with help from the ap
  • ingredient search, you can tell the app what you have and what kind of food you are making and it can give you ideas
  • recipe detail with photos, with a step by step instruction and full nutritional information
  • recipe email which allows you to send the recipe to yourself or a friend
  • favorites, quick access to your favorite recipes
  • coupons, recieve coupons for your favorite general mills products

If you love cooking, or want to start, this is a great companion as it can show you many different ways to create those tasty foods that you have always wanted to create.  The best part is that this app is completely free and does not require you to pay to use the over 9,000 recipes that it includes.  Stop making boring food and start using this helpful app!


This app is Free and has been given a 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users who have downloaded and tried out this app.

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  1. Where can I get a Betty Crocker app for my android?

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