Tank Recon 3d Android App Review


3d accelerometer games are the new wave for the Android phone because of how awesome they look and the wow factor that they bring to the table.  There is a new game that fits this guideline out for the android platform called Tank Recon 3d for the android phones.  This game allows you to drive around a tank in a 3d world which allows you to fire at planes, AT guns, and much more.  This app has a real time 3d graphics engine which runs smoothly on Android 2.0 and higher.  There is a story mode with 4 different missions to complete, an instant action mode so you can start shooting it up, and a survival mode.  There are also three different difficulty settings to keep you challenged as normal, hard, and mental options are available.  If you get a super high score you can also send that score to the leader boards to show it off to your friends.


  • This is a great first person multi touch 3d game with great graphics and smooth game controls.
  • The game has a virtual d pad so you can move around with ease as well as having a fire button with missiles that you can shoot
  • The story mode is great as there are 4 missions to complete
  • the instant action mode just jumps you right into the middle of  a battle so you can get your shooting fix immediately
  • the survival mode is insane as onslaughts of armies come to kill you so the point is to try and survive as long as possible.
  • The high scores that can be had in this game are available to be sent to the leader boards so you can show off to your friends and family members as well as set your place amongst some of the best players of this game
  • As you incur damage, there is a damage meter at the top of the screen which shows you how much damage you have taken and how much more you can take until you completely die and have to star over
  • Red dots represent enemy fire and yellow dots represent bonus items that you can go and pick up to increase your score
  • There are several weapons that you can try out and use with your tank to take down the enemies that will pester you.


The full version is not out but you can download the free trial version and the game has gotten a 5 out of 5 star rating.

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