Swine Flue Scanner iPhone app Review


With the huge Swine Flu outbreaks that have been spreading throughout the world do you ever wonder if you might be infected?  Obviously if you really think you are then you should go see a doctor, but if you are just curious then you can refer to the Swine Flue Scanner to find out how infected you are!  You can also scan your friends, families, and even pets if you so desire!  Once you get your diagnosis then you will need to have a course of action to take so that you don’t let it overtake you.  Talk to the app’s resident doctor – Dr. Ham Funk.  he will give you a small consultation and offer some experimental cures to help you get back on your feet.

If you want to have even more fun with this app then you need to find the secret button that is hidden in the game.  The way you access it is by just pressing on a certain part of the bottom of the screen.  That way when you are scanning your friends you can decide how infected they each will be.  If you don’t pick anything then a random selection will come up on the app.  This is a great way to prank your friends and family and give them the diagnosis that you think they deserve!


  • There are a variety of different features that the Swine Flu Scanner iPhone app offers including a body temperature analyzer as well as a DNA mutating function
  • After each diagnosis you can talk to Dr Ham Funk to get some consultations on your next course of action
  • You can rig all of the results by using the secret buttons at the bottom of the screen.  Is a great way to prank your friends
  • The levels of infection range from mild to extreme, depending on what you pick
  • The graphics are fun and simple and add to the overall theme of the game
  • The pigs that are included in the app are pretty cute little guys
  • The sound effects go along great with the game and will wake you up with the siren sounds
  • One of the experimental treatments involves an electroshock treatment that will have you phone vibrating to complete it


While there is not much to this app it still is a fun way to prank your friends and family.  Kind of a funny spin on the whole swine flu outbreak that didn’t turn out to be near as bad as was predicted.  The experimental cure section is probably the best part of the whole app.  Just a fun way to poke light at a recent global situation.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and can currently be downloaded for $0.99.

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