Snapp! iPhone App Review


What is the new Snapp! app for the iphone all about?  The answer is that Snapp! is a business social networking app that helps you to create relationships instead of stupid old fashioned business cards.  Business cards are bulky and are impossible to carry with you as you don’t have enough space on your body to carry around a business card directory.  Well the iphone makes this very simple for you as you can simple get people’s information and input it into Snapp! to help you know their facebook, twitter, and other valuable social information to help broaden your network of business people.

This type of app is great for business conventions when you meet tons of people.  Instead of forgetting who they are by the end of the day, get all of their electronic info on this app, take a picture even, and make a small note of how you met these people for later use.  You can get all of their info and input it within less than 10 seconds which makes things really easy and very fast in a fast business moving environment.


  • Add new contacts to your iphone in less than 10 seconds
  • your new contact gets an automatic email with your snapp card info, photo, social media links, short business brochure, and more
  • your new contacts are organized into groups fo you to easily follo up on.  Each new contact is added to the snapp! group in your iphone contacts so you can review the contact you created with Snapp!
  • Use snapp! at events and conferences and snapp! will auto record that you met your new contact at that event.  Example automatic email, it was nice to meet you as ABCD convention, my contact info is…..
  • Free for personal use, lifetime upgrade to pro features for only $2.99

If you want an easy way to get contact information and share your own, this app has got you covered.  The app also has pro features which allow you to export all of the data in this app into a CSV file so you can easily import it into your e-mail account software at work to get all of these clients into several different locations.  The app screen and nav panels are all great looking and easy to navigate through.


this app is free and has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users that have downloaded this app to their phones.

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