Screebl Android App Review


So many people complain that there are not enough apps that help an Android phone save battery power.  Well that is simply not true as there are apps out there.  One such app is called Screebl and ti controls power saving features on your phone based on the orientation of the phone.  Never have the screen blank again while using your phone.  the coolest part is that you can actually save power by doing this with the new screebl app for the Android phone.  You can extend the screen timeout dynamically with the position you are holding the phone.  You can save battery power in the long term by using this app that is based on the orientation of your phone.

Although screebl can save you some battery life in the long term, the savings are somewhat not as much as thought as the app is constantly running in the background which takes some juice from the batter.  Its a catch 22.  Screebl for the Android monitors the axis orientation of the phone to determine how long or short the screen timeout should be.  you can leave the default settings active, or you can configure your own settings write from the app.  The notification system allows you to see the status of the battery saving as it has a window shade giving you a visual depiction of what is going on.


  • based on the orientation of your phone, this app will either shorten or lengthen the screen timeout time.  This means if you are using the phone, it will stay lit, if you set teh phone down, it will shorten the time
  • the times can be configured so you can adjust it however you would like based on your phone usage preferences
  • the app runs in the background and gives you a status update depiction using a notification window screen on the top of the phone

If you are looking for an easy way to keep your screen lit so you can do what you want, this is a great app to get.  The app is simple to use and free for heavens sake, so its a least worth a look.  Saving battery means more talk time and more time to play with apps and so forth.  This is a great way to monitor the battery usage on your phone.


This app is FREE and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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