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If you have an e-mail address then you can use this new app for the iphone and ipad.  The app is called Salescast and it requires you to register for a free account to use.  The reason for this new account is to protect your privacy from other third party sources and to protect your shop search data.  So what exactly is the Salescast app all about?  The app is a wonderful online sales portal all located in one place., which is considered to be the authority on fabulous, known for its chic has created splendora salescast for the iphone.  This one of a kin app curates editor selected sales and puts them into a no-nonsense list.

Splendora salescast features its top 20 favorite sample sales which include gilt gropue, rue la la, daily candy’s swirls and Haute look, which users of the app can scroll through from the palm of their hand, and mark the sales that interest them, and set a custom reminder to shop the individual vendor’s sites before the sales end and are over.  If you are a fashion junkie that loves to know when all of the big sales are, this is a great app to use to make sure that you don’t miss out on any huge deals.


  • Sales aggregation, browse the latest and upcoming sample sales all in one place
  • Sale reminders, flag favorite sales to create your own custom reminder list
  • filter by category, only view sales in the categories that interest you, women, beauty, lifestyle, home, kids, men
  • buy shop individual vendors sites right from the app
  • email you favorite sales to friends, family, or yourself to remind people of the great savings that are to be had because of these amazing sales.
  • The app has a very easy to use interface that is easy to navigate and that will help you to see what sales are coming up and available.

If fashion is your thing and if you like to save money, this app is for you to help you do just that.  Don’t get caught paying high prices for fashion designer clothing, and do yourself a favor to help yourself save money by using this innovative app.  Salescast is a great tool to help you share sales with friends and family while at the same time getting great clothes for cheap prices.


This app is free and has been given a 2 1/2 out of 5 star rating.

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