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Have you ever been in the kitchen and wondered what you should make for dinner?  This is a common occurrence as most people like to learn new things, they just don’t know where to look to find out how.  The best way to figure out best thing to cook in the kitchen is through the new Recipe Finder Android app which is available on the android marketplace.  This app is new and does a great job at giving you some excellent recipes to try out on your loved ones and for yourself.  When we talk recipes, this app does not just give you the instructions to help you make mac and cheese, but we are talking amazing meals that are found on website such as emeril, thefoodnetwork, and so on.  These meals are meant to taste delicious, and the app helps to get you to those recipes and how to do it yourself pages.

The app is easy to use as it allows you to pick from a list of categories as to what web site you would like to find recipes on.  Once you pick a category, the app takes you to a place where it lists all of the recipes. Simply selecting the recipe of choice will take you to a screen which shows you the URL of the recipe so that you can visit in on your computer, or you can just visit it right on your phone’s web browser.  The app then takes you to the site that is offering the recipe so you can view any videos or any other special instructions right on the page.


  • The app is very simple  to use and has been cleaned up and polished to look and run great.
  • The app does require the free download of the adobe air app which is FREE on the android marketplace
  • The app does take a bit to load the lists, but the lists have fantastic recipes which do not disappoint.
  • If you are looking for recipes to make a difference at the dinner table, this is the way to do it as this app is easy to use and give you very valuable information, all from your phone.
  • If you haven’t downloaded this app already, what are you waiting for!?


This app is FREE on the android marketplace and is a great way to get the recipes you need.  It has been given a 5 out of 5 star rating.

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