Rat On A Scooter XL app Review


You will be thrilled to have the beloved RAT back in the Rat On A Scooter XL app.  In this great iPhone app, you just kick-start your scooter and then head on down to those abandoned suburbs and let it go.  Burn rubber as you zoom around on top of the scaffolds and perform exciting stunts and dangerous jumps.  There are four great game modes; Super Cheese XL; Fuel Depot, Skill Course; and Power Rider, which includes awesome special power-ups, such as the rubber ball, cheese doodle rain, platform expander, jet pack and platform shrinker.  The controls are rock solid and simple to use.  Along with all the stunts you could do in other RAT game apps, you can try the new Mid-air jumps for some totally wicked Rat action.  Get extra bonus points for each stunt you perform.

This may be RAT’s boldest adventure yet as you go crazy on the scaffolding and perform your exciting stunts.  With Rat On a Scooter XL you can also play your own iTunes music in the background as you work for those fun new power-ups in the ‘Power Rider’ mode where you can grab all of the power-ups if you are quick enough.  With the online high scores, you can compare yourself globally with other players and shoot for the moon.  With this fun and addicting game app, you will find hours of fun because it is totally replayable.  If you are a ‘Donut Games’ icon collector, this game app has Collector’s Icon #17.  The graphics are cute – who doesn’t like cheese? and the controls are perfect. This is considered one of the most addicting game apps around.  It is in the top 100 games in the United States as well as the UK, Germany, Australia, France and Scandinavia.  It was also chose as an Apple Staff Favorite.


  • Four fun and addicting game modes:
  •      Super Cheese XL
  •      Skill Course
  •      Fuel Depot
  •      Power Rider – where you can get all of the power-ups!
  • Fun new power-ups:  rubber ball, cheese doodle rain, jet pack, platform shrinker and expander
  • Cute graphics
  • Perfect controls
  • High Score support around the globe
  • Receive bonus points when you perform stunts.
  • Donut Games Collector’s Icon #17
  • Mid-air jumps
  • Play your own music in the background
  • Many  more fun and addicting features


Rat On A Scooter XL for the iPhone is one of the most addictingly fun game apps you can get.  Scooting around the scaffolding and doing awesome stunts will keep you going for hours.  Grab those power-ups as you move through levels and then check your scores against the online High Score list.  This game app is currently rated 4+ stars out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and only costs $0.99 to download.

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