Prism 3d Android App Review


Games for the Android are getting more beautiful and more polished all of the time.  Even the Free games are looking better and better these days.  The case in point is the FREE app called Prism 3d for the android platform.  This is a brand new game that tests your alertness and your reflexes.  The game is run by the accelerometer on the phone and you control a ball that bounces in 3d off of 3d tiles, with amazingly smooth graphics.  This game is free and boasts 25 levels to keep you coming back for more which is great when games interest you that much to come back and play again.  The game also has a creation mode which allows you to create your own levels through a dedicated level editor which includes the infinite mode.

Having played this game myself the game looks great.  The ball is bouncing up and down and you can move the direction of the ball by simply tilting the phone to make the ball bounce on the tiles that you want it too.  Each tile is labeled something different so you have to play the game to really understand what we are talking about when we say that by landing on the tiles something different happens to the ball.


  • This game uses the accelerometer on your phone to create a 3d ball and titles
  • The ball bounces straight up at you so you need to tilt the phone to move the ball along and land on the tiles that will help you to progress to the end of the level
  • The pro version of the game allows you to use the game editor tool to create you own levels
  • the game is very attractive with smooth graphics and colorful tiles and ball animations
  • This game will keep you coming back to try and beat all of the levels and keep you coming back to try and beat your old score

Playing this game is simple enough, but the challenge comes in hitting the right tiles and not falling off the edge which causes your progress to end and makes you start over.  If you like challenging games that take some strategy, this is a great one!


This app costs nothing but does have a pro version which costs $1.49 and this app has gotten a 5 out of 5 star rating by other android phone users.

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