Plum District iPhone App Review


With the economy in shambles and with money tighter than ever, people are looking for ways to save money at every turn it seems.  As a mother in a family, saving money is an important job.  Most mom’s look in the daily paper for coupons and other incentives that can hep them save money on the things that they need or want.  Well now there is an easy way to do this right from your iphone, and it’s called Plum District.

Plum District is an app that offers daily deals for savvy moms and their families, featuring the best values for local services that make life easier and more enjoyable.  This app gives incredible savings in your hands, making it a great tool for a mom on the go with a large family.  You can easily find your daily deals and redeem them electronically, never having to cut our or print another coupon ever again.  While this app only works for the San Fransisco area at the moment, this app will continue to hit major cities across the nation to help out several people get the most out of their money.


  • This app is very intuitive and has a very easy to use and navigate front menu and screen.
  • the app has a main screen where you an see today’s deals, the deals you have saved, a how to section, and a my account section
  • the daily deals will show things that most mother’s use on a daily basis.
  • These deals can then be redeemed right from the app to help you get the savings on the item you are looking to purchase instantaneously instead of having to cut out a coupon
  • You can even buy some of the products right from the app so that you can either have them shipped to you or so that you can pick them up from the department store they are from.
  • The deals are on actual items that people use on a daily basis, which makes this app much more useful and practical

Saving money can be really hard these days and can take a ton of work.  Make things easier on yourself and get an app that can do most of the hard work for you.  If you want to save money on every day items and live in the San Fransisco area, this is the app for you.


This app is FREE and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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