OddBlob iPhone app Review


The iPhone has an incredible number of different gaming apps on the market.  It’s incredible how creative and intuitive some of these developers are.  The OddBlob iPhone app is one of those apps that just blows you away with how unique it is.  OddBlob specializes in one thing: bouncing.  You will have to control OddBlob so that he can get across the mind boggling maze as fast as he can.  Keep in mind that there is a lot of strategy to this game.  You will need to move quickly but also be smart about where you land so that you can pick up as many fruits, cakes and bonuses as you can.  The key is to move quickly as well as score a lot of points.

You have a few obstacles to get past as you conquer the boards including the disappearing tiles.  If you take too long to decide what path to take, then you will likely be eaten up by the dark deep.  There are also tiles that will bounce you even farther than you would normally go so you should plan on using these tiles to help you reach the finish line safely.  You can try and get combos by bouncing to get items.  Use everything at your disposal to make the most out of every maze!


  • The creature OddBlob is completely made out of clay and you will see that all of the other objects and items in the game were also created by clay.  A lot of handcrafted work was prepared to make this game a success!
  • You will move around the board collecting items such as cake, fruit, and other sweet items
  • There are 4 different levels of difficulty ranging from easy to very hard
  • The soundtrack is very entertaining: contains some groovy mixes to jump to
  • There are two main game modes that include the Panic mode and the Strategy Mode
  • The Panic Mode is a fun game where you have to get across the board as fast as you can because all of the tiles behind you will start disappearing and you could be next!
  • The Strategy Mode is also fun because you are going to try and select the best track to take where you will get there quickly as well as collect a variety of items that will give you points
  • This game will appeal to people from all ages.  There are aspect of the game that both kids and adults will love
  • You will be rewarded for your excellent performances.  You can gain different achievements and a variety of awards


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and can currently be downloaded for $2.99.

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