Nike GPS iPhone App Review


Nike is a huge sports outfitter that is dedicated to promoting better health through sport and exercise.  Nike has become quite the name brand over the years and almost every major athlete is sponsored by the sport juggernaut. Well now you can get even more out of your exercise with the help of Nike’s GPS app for the iphone.  This app lets you start keeping track of your running schedule anywhere.  With this app, you can track every indoor and outdoor workout easily, without a sensor.

You can record your pace, distance, and run routes using the iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer technology so you can focus on the road ahead, and relive your run later on the screen. The app keeps track of distance, altitude, speed, and time so you can go back and try the run again to see if you can do better the second time around. This is great in the world of fitness as it will help you to keep your exercise goals and allow you to work harder and get in the shape that you want to be in.  The greatest part about this app is it allows you to send results and times to your friends via e-mail, or social networks so you can push yourself and your friends to meet certain times or hit certain goals.  This allows you to push yourself and others to reaching their exercise goals.


  • The app has a very simple interface with two main buttons where you can record a new run, or challenge yourself and see if you can take on your last run.
  • The app has a history so you can go back and see all of the runs where you ran and see where you were slow and where you were fast on the map as far as where you ended up running.
  • The app shows you a map of your run through the use of Google maps which makes it really easy to see what you have accomplished.
  • The app lets you post your results on facebook and through e-mail so you can challenge your friends and so that they can challenge you to beat their times and beat the goals while burning calories.


If you like exercise and want to push yourselves and others, than you need to get the new iphone app for the iphone called Nike GPS.  This app costs $1.99 and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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