Loopt Star iPhone App Review


All of us are familiar with facebook and twitter and myspace.  These are large social networking sites, but why are they so widely popular?  The main reason is because of the power they harness with the technology.  Having the ability to see what other people are doing is a fun thing to do and to keep track of.  Social networking sites also make it very easy to reconnect with people and meet new people that you would otherwise never be able to meet.  Each social networking site has it’s own features and abilities to be able to perform different tasks and handle other types of functionality. Well there is a new social networking type of app for the iphone called Loopt Star which is a cool way to go places, find friends and get stuff.  This app is completely free and has some promising features that will keep people coming back for more often.

Basically the app rewards you for getting out and exploring the world with your friends.  You can earn achievements and real rewards from some of your favorite brands, like special offers, discounts, and free music.  You can also connect with your facebook friends to see where they are and compare your stats to theirs on the Loopt Star leaderboard which is accessible right from within the app.  To earn more points, simply move up in the ranks, and collect as many achievements and rewards as you can by checking in to places with your facebook friends.  New achievements and rewards are always being added and there is always competition to take over your title as boss so don’t get too complacent and stop doing the things that will help you to keep your position.


  • This is a very different type of game as there are awards to win and things to achieve, but you play with real players that are online
  • This is also a social networking site so that you can meet people, team up with your friends, and have the ability to see where they rank as well on the leaderboards.
  • You can also win free things by playing this game such as free music and coupons to places that you shop.

This is a very interesting game that uses a social networking feature to be able to play.  If you like social networking and games, this is the app for you.


This app is free and has been given 3 out of 5 stars.

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