Koi Pond app Review


Koi Pond iPhone app is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable iPhone apps out there today.  The Blimp Pilots have done an incredible job of enhancing and updating this app so that it is a very pleasant and comfortable experience.  You will find yourself mesmerized as you look into the clear crystal water and see beautiful little Koi fish swimming around a playing with each other.  You can run your hand across the surface of the screen and the fish will react by swimming away.  Not only that, the pond will ripple and the water will move.  If you have quick, sudden movements the Koi fish will dart away.  However, if you gently drag your finger across the screen the fish will forget that your finger is there  and approach it and even nibble on it.

This app is great because it takes into consideration all of the dynamic water simulations as well as how the touchscreen will affect it.  Enjoy your virtual pond and take advantage of all the features that the Koi Pond iPhone app has to offer.


  • The water simulation is very realistic and even has refraction properties
  • Has a brighter pond and more color options than older versions
  • Shake you phone to feed your Koi fish
  • The fish will come and nibble at you fingers
  • There is a four layer ambient soundtrack so you can feel relaxes
  • The controls include a volume slider
  • New Koi fish such as the Tancho Kohaku
  • The lily pads move and can be dragged
  • There are help options in case you get stuck
  • The water ripples and moves when the fish swim around
  • There are a few different modes, including the Holiday Mode with festive lights and sleigh bells
  • The sound effects are pretty incredible, you can hear ambient rain drops on the surface
  • You can set the timer to sleep as you listen to the relaxing pond noises
  • Customize your background tile


This is a very relaxing app, and is great to help you relieve some stress and find a state of peace.  Watching the playful Koi fish will ease your mind and allow you to cool down and get some sleep at night.  The game has a lot of features, including different fish that you can add to your pond, as well as some fun touchscreen interaction.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99 to download.

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