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When owning an Android type of phone, you probably spent some good money on it as it has tons of features and has processing power to do many different things.  The last thing you want to do is lose it and not be able to find it.  Well there is an easy solution in finding your phone and that solution can be downloaded as the iTag Android phone app.  iTag is a simple app as it offers a very easy to use interface.  The interface has the ability to send your phones location, get anyone location, tell your friends where your phone it, and send feedback to the developers to make the app even better.

This app essentially tells your friends or youself via iTag’s website where you phone it.  The app is great because it sends the exact GPS location of your phone so you could find it on a park bench or in a vehicle.  This is great because the app can also send the location to friends that are near you lost phone so they can go get it and save you the embarrassing trip.


  • find your phone if its lost or stolen with direct GPS coordinates
  • backup and restore phone data
  • remotely lock keys
  • send and request friends location
  • you can optionally be alerted when friends are near the phone and send a message to your friends nearest your phone

There are a few bugs with this app as the app force closes alot.  The app also seems to drain your battery fairly quickly and that can be very annoying.  The pros outweigh the cons as you can find your phone if it is stolen or lost.  This saving of your phone can save you a lot of money in the long run and can really help you out.  The ability to lock the keys remotely is really cool so you can stop a user from using your phone and wasting your minutes.  you can also send your friends the location of the phone so they can help you get it if they are nearby.

Overall this is a very useful app with a very useful application.  Finding your lost phone has never been easier and if you forget things, get this app so you can find the phone again!


This app is FREE and has been given a perfect 5 out of 5 star rating by other phone users.

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