iSniper 3D iPhone app Review


In the iSniper iPhone app you are an expert sniper for the global anti-terrorist group GATO.  GATO (Global Anti-Terrorist Organization) has mounted a worldwide attack on the enemies that are at hand.  You are the new standout leader of the group and you must be a war hero and stop these terrorist acts from happening.  Your reputation was solidified about three months back when you impeded a biological missile with a single bullet from your sniper rifle.

The dangers are even greater this time around, however, as a new terrorist group named HEAVEN is gaining momentum.  This terrorist group is extremely well organized and they are connected all over the world.  You must come out of  retirement and save the world yet again.  Your only lead is a mysterious phone call that has given you enough of a reason to rejoin the fight.  You will rejoin the GST unit, which is the special forces unit, and lead your forces against this impending evil.

Enjoy the amazing 3D graphics and the intense storyline that is included in iSniper 3D.  The story will become even deeper and more treacherous as there are twists and turns that you won’t expect.  The gameplay is smooth and the environments are stunning.  You must stealthily complete you missions and drive the enemy forces back.  Take control of this new war on terrorism with the iSniper 3D iPhone app!



  • The gameplay is very original and will have you breathless at some points with how exciting it can be
  • The storyline seems as if it has come straight out of a movie.  Solid character development and story arc
  • The interface is very easy to use and you will quickly get used to the tilting and tapping controls
  • The 3D environments are incredibly realistic
  • You will have an assortment of the world’s best sniper rifles to choose from
  • As you move through the game you will be able to get weapon upgrades
  • There is a “hold your breath” mode that slows down time
  • There are a few different modes to choose from including arcade, challenge, and story mode
  • New episodes are always being displayed
  • Three different difficulty levels including easy, normal, and hard


This is a fun shooting game, especially since it is combined with the sniper rifle aspect.  Great storyline and solid gameplay make for a great ride with iSniper.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and currently is only $0.99 to download.

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