Instapaper Pro iPhone app Review


This is one of the best convenience apps out on the market today for the iPhone.  The Instapaper Pro iPhone app is a program that lets you find web content that you want to read and save the page for future reading.  How many times have you started reading a blog or an article but had to stop short of reading the whole thing and never got back to it?  Well now you can save these pages and refer back to them at any time of the day when you have down time.  Not only that, you have full control over how you experience these articles and blogs.  You can change the color, font, size, and background of the text that you are reading.  There is even a night mode that you can turn on so it is easier to read the articles when you are in your bed relaxing.

This app also does a good job of utilizing the accelerometer in the phone.  You can set it so that when you tip the phone back it scrolls down and when you tilt the phone forward it scrolls back.  Also, the app will even save the spot where you finished reading so you don’t have to find your spot again.  It is one of the most convenient reading apps out there and makes internet browsing a breeze because you can finish any interesting articles at your own pace.


  • Has a variety of different folders that you can use to store and organize your searches
  • There are frequent updates that are automatically put into action for the app
  • The app includes a variety of dictionary information so you can look up words and find definitions, synonyms and more
  • You have the ability to save your position on any page or web portal that you access
  • You can share your saved items with other people through the use of Twitter or Tumblr
  • If you are reading at night then you can turn on the Dark Mode so the words are easier to see and read
  • You can customize your reading experience by changing the sizes and fonts of the text that you are looking at
  • The app also lets you use pagination as well as tilt scrolling in order to get the most out of your Instapaper Pro experience


Voted 5 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $4.99 to download.

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