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If you are ever in need to covertly record something, your Android Phone can absolutely be a tool you can use to record those important conversations that need recording.  The app is called informant and it is a nifty little app for anyone that has a little bit of spy in them.  The app allows you covertly record meetings, conversations, etc without anyone knowing.  There is also an option to schedule recordings in advance so you can really be discreet.  The feature is that you can record from pockets, on the table, with no visible indication, meaning no blinking lights or instant waking up up the phone screen.  Recording can also happen when paused during a phone call.  There is also an optional PIN to set in case you do get caught.  This makes it so no one can pull the information off unless they know the pin.  Obviously there are some legalities with this app, so make sure you check your local laws about voice recording that will help you to stay out of trouble recording.

This is perfect for the wife or husband that is worried about cheating as they can just set the phone to record during times when they are gone.  This is also great for a company meeting that you know where they are going to talk about you but not to your face.  This is also great for friends if you are worried is someone talking behind your back.  If you really want to catch them in the act, this Informant app is a great way to catch them in the act.


  • you can set the recording to happen instantly with the touch of the button
  • the phone will look like its off or asleep and have no visual indicators showing that it is recording anything
  • you can even schedule the recording of the app so it happens at a certain time when you know someone will be talking
  • you can protect the information with a PIN number to make sure that no one can access the information unless they type int he pin number in case you get caught

now of course, there are legalities associated with this app, so make sure you look into your local laws before you just start recording people, but it can be a fun way to be a spy.


This app costs $2.49 and has been given a 5 out of 5 rating by users.

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