I SPY Spooky Mansion iPhone app Review


Who hasn’t spent hours poring over a popular I SPY book looking for those well-hidden objects?  I SPY Spooky Mansion is a great hit on the iPhone and iPod touch.  This exciting hidden object app is based on Walter Wick and Jean Marzollo’s book, I SPY Spooky Night.  The I SPY game app begins at the gates of a spooky mansion, where you are trapped.  The only way to get off the grounds of the mansion is to locate and collect the seven hidden keys that could be anywhere!  You need to solve 21 riddles and puzzles to locate the keys.  Each riddle or puzzle is only solved by searching for the hidden items in different areas of the mansion.   You will wander through the spooky graveyard, the mysterious library, the quiet living room, the challenging laboratory and more in your quest for hidden objects.  This great hidden object app is put out by Scholastic, so you know your kids will like it.  Casual gamers who like hidden object game apps will also enjoy it.  The difficulty levels are just what you are looking for.

The game-play on the I SPY Spooky Mansion iPhone app is an adventure through the mansion and its grounds.  You use the map to help you locate the 21 cleverly hidden I SPY riddles somewhere on the estate.  You then look for objects listed in the riddles to solve them.  The innovative Zoom function gives you up to 300% magnification when looking for the hardest-to-find object.  A great feature that kids really enjoy is the voice-overs.  All the I SPY riddles are read aloud, which can help those young players who are just beginning to learn how to read.  Parents love this game app that is addictingly fun for kids and keeps them entertained for hours.


  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Cleverly spoken riddles with pleasant voice-overs
  • Up to 300% zoom capability
  • 7 hidden keys
  • 21 I SPY riddles
  • Interesting and well-arranged pictures
  • Well hidden objects with just the right amount of difficulty
  • Helps beginning readers learn to read


Because this game app is designed for children, the controls are pretty intuitive; for instance, to zoom all you have to do pinch.  The I Spy objects are cleverly hidden, and the pictures are well-arranged. You can zoom in on very small objects i your quest to solve the puzzles.  Some customers complained that there was too much lag-time after finding an object, but still really enjoyed the game app.  I SPY Spooky Mansion is currently rated 4+ stars out of 5 by iPhone app users and costs $0.99.

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