Hit N’Run iPhone app Review


The Hit N’Run racing app is an intense 3D racing game for the iPhone.   You will blaze around intense tracks where you will have to dodge traffic and hit cars that have the right color in order to keep going.  You will break all kinds of traffic laws along the way and will get to let out your rebellious side.  This is a unique racer in that it is somewhat like Tetris where you have a puzzle element.  You have to hit the right colored cars to get combos and avoid the wrong color cars to avoid getting your car damaged and unusable.  When you start the game you can decide how fast you want to go and also the pace that you want to follow.  You can start with a gameplay that is very relaxed and move it to the point where it is out of control.

You will take your sports car and try to hit as many of these good colored cars as you can without crashing.  You can use the accelerometer that is built into the iPhone to tilt and turn your phone and direct your car where it should go.  If you pull off some stellar moves along the way you will get extra points and improve your overall performance.

The game offers three completely different modes that you can play in.  It also rewards you for breaking the most rules and laws along the way.  One of the other great features that the game offers is the fact that you can customize the controls as much as you want.  This ability to change the control system to suit your needs will allow you to play the game while sitting, lying down, or walking around town.


  • You can get online and check out local and global leader boards to see who the best players are in the world
  • You can also get scores that are aware of location and other factors
  • As you continue to win races you can take advantage of the achievement system and gain awards
  • There is a list you can create to put all of your friends on and keep track of them
  • This app has connectivity with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook
  • You can update your player profile as you go on


Voted 4 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and it can currently be downloaded for $1.99.

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