Go Pedometer iPhone app Review


This fun little tool app allows you to track your steps and foot calibration as you walk around doing your daily business.  The Go Pedometer iPhone app uses some incredible technology called “SmartStep” to be able to monitor your steps and give you some immediate results.  This app has been tested by the developers for months and has been experimented with in all kinds of weather and conditions.  Through it all it has proven to be a very effective pedometer and is a great walking companion.

All you really have to do is turn on the app, start the pedometer, and then go on your walk.  Once you are done you can see how far you went, how many calories you burned, the total walking time as well as your current step calibration.  Remember to keep the app on the entire time that you are walking or you will have inaccurate information.


  • The easiest way to use this app is to just turn it on and the place it in your pocket before you begin your walk.  Obviously, other accessories can and do work including the belt hookup, or the one that fits around your upper arm
  • Includes the SmartStep technology that allows it to manage your steps in all types of conditions
  • There is a time located on the app that will actually stop when you stop taking steps.  It is also good about knowing when to continue once you have resumed walking
  • The app also measures the entire distance that you walked (usually in feet, but you can change the units)
  • Measurement units are supported by English and Metric units
  • You can see exactly how many calories you burned on your walk so you can feel confident that you are improving your body
  • Your screen will turn off once you have placed the phone on your belt or in your pocket.  This is so that it preserves battery life but is still able to run while you are on your walk
  • A great app for any jogger, hiker, or avid runner
  • There is a screen lock that you can toggle on and off
  • The technology makes it so the pedometer only starts once you place it in your pocket
  • The only info you have to input is your weight, height and step calibration in order for you to  get started


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99 to download.

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