Ghosts and Zombies iPhone App Review


If you love free games that look amazing and have a very addictive game play, you need to get this game now!  The game is free for the time being, and boy does it deliver!  The game is called Ghosts and Zombies and it is a fun 2d platform shooter.  The premise is this: A long long time ago, an ancient chapel became haunted with ghosts, zombies, and vampires. No one knew where these demons came from nor why they were here. As nobody would go near the haunted chapel anymore, a monk was sent from the Vatican to investigate. Armed with only his faith and his weapon, the monk bravely ventured into chapel to exorcise the demons and restore peace back to the chapel. No one knew if they would ever hear from the Monk again.

Ghosts’n Zombies is an action shooting game. You play the monk from the Vatican that was sent to eliminate the demons and restore peace to an ancient chapel. You must destroy the enemies and gather the crystals they drop. The crystals represent faith and are used both for bullets and life. There are two different game modes in the game. Each game mode features many stages with unique levels and enemies to fight.


* Controls designed and optimized for iPhone/iPod touch screen and motion sensor
* Easy to pick up and play with a tutorial to help novice players.
* Fast load time
* Multiple Game Modes with 15 stages and more to come
* Survival Mode with Endless stages included
* Upgradable Weapon system
* Compare Local and Online High Scores for every level!
* OpenFeint Support: Online Achievements and Leaderboards!
* Original music composition and sound effects

If you love games that are a lot of fun, you need to get with the program and download this free game for the iphone, ipod touch, and the ipad.  This game has it all as it has amazing graphics, fun animations, and is just polished.  It is rare to find a free app for the iphone, especially a game, that is in such good finished state as this.  You will find yourself coming back over and over again to play the app and try and beat your last high score.


This app is FREE and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users who have downloaded and played this game.

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