G4 iPhone App Review


G4 TV is getting very popular as it is dedicated to some manly topics such as video games.  If you love G4tv.com and want to get all of the gaming news, reviews, previews, trailers, and other info, you need to get the new G4 app for the iphone and ipad.  This app puts the power G4tv.com right in your hand.  If you want up to the minute news, you got it with the G4tv.com news feed that is standard on this new app.

Many people that play video games want to know about cheat codes or other fun things that can be put into the game to make it more fun.  If you arent’ interested in cheat codes, then you are probably interested in a  walk through guide or a guide that shows you where everything is so you can accomplish challenges and earn trophies.  This app is your gateway to this type of information and is so easily accessible.  You can access this app at any time to get the information you are in need of.   With this information you can know what games are coming up, which games have had updates, as well as knowing about special promotions that certain studios are doing for certain games.


  • This app gives you up to the date information from G4tv.com
  • This information includes, gaming news, reviews, previews, trailers, and all of the tips tricks and cheats you need for your games
  • the app also comes with a price compare feature on games you want to buy so you can see where the cheapest place you can get them is
  • If you have any questions about a certain game title, you can easily find the answers with the help from this handy app.
  • staying on top of the gaming world is fun and easier than ever with this app’s simple to use and easy to read interface and navigation bars

This is the perfect free gaming app that is finally here, so you would be crazy not to download it and get up to date on all of you favorite games.  The app is frequently updated to give you up to the minute information and news as it comes out during the day.  If you love video games, don’t get caught without this app as this can be your in to so much information.


This app is Free and has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating.

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