Flick Golf iPhone App Review


Love golf, love the iphone?  If so you can’t get to upset with the new app that is all the craze as Flick Golf is here to stay for the iphone.  This app is fantastic as it gives you a lot of different play modes and all kinds of things to do within the beautiful golf world that they create for you. The game uses the amazing iphone graphics that really help to stand out and that make it very easy to be able to keep playing.  The game is seriously the most addictive iphone app game out there when it comes to sports games.

The fun thing about the game is that there is no club, which means no club rules.  This means you can spin and curve your shots to be able to try and sink that perfect hole in one.  You must be careful however as the game is full of the usual hazards, bunkers, trees, and sand, not to mention that crazy wind that you have to deal with in real life.  If you want to get addicted to a great game, this is the one you need to pick up as it is cheap and a great play for anyone that is looking to have some fun.


• Try to shoot the perfect score in Quickshot mode.
• Play World Tour, from the USA’s West Coast to Japan in the Far East.
• Varying wind from the lightest breeze, to full on gales!
• Incredibly accurate in-flight spin control.
• Stunningly realised 3D environments.
• Integrated Openfient leaderboards and achievements.
• Full high resolution Retina Display graphics for iPhone 4.
• Listen to your own music while you play!

This takes golf and reinvents it into something fun that really gets you going on the iphone, ipod touch, and the ipad.  You can now control the ball with the spin control featuers and create the most beautiful hole in one courses around and what you have is the most addictive golf game ever.  you heard right, the whole point of the game is to get the infamous hole in one, not 2 or 3 putt, but just get it in the hole!


This app costs $2.99 and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users who have purchases this app and played it.  They then reviewed this app to give is an average of 4 out of 5 star rating.

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