ESPN Fantasy Football 2010 iPhone App Review


The NFL is a fun sport and league to watch as there are some monsters that get on the field and dish out some amazing plays and some serious pain.  The NFL is America’s game and has become one of the most watched sports in America.  Well since the NFL has gone mainstream, there are several organizations that offer fantasy football leagues that you can participate in.  These leagues are fun because it allows you to be an owner and pick players and team mates to form a perfect team.  As the weeks go by in the regular season, your players score points whenever the real players score points in the game.  This makes you get to learn who the players are and makes you watch the games as you want your players who are on all different kinds of teams, to score and do well so your fantasy team wins as a whole.

ESPN is one of the best fantasy football leagues as they offer an amazingly fun drafting component to their software.  The draft is live, and you and all your buddies who are int he league can pick your team with ease.  Well the biggest part of fantasy football is making sure you have players on your team and on the active roster who are not injured and who are scoring well.  Since this changes week by week, you will constantly be changing your team as the season goes on.  Well for those that are playing, you need to make changes on the go, and that is where the ESPN Fantasty Football 2010 iphone app comes into play.


  • Make changes to your team right on the fly with the use of the app
  • see and preview your scoreboard and see what your team is projected to do the following week.
  • Drop and add players as they get injured, or if you just want to make a change to your team to give you a better advantage over your matchup that weeek.
  • All the features of fantasy football are available through the app which includes smack talk, drop players, add players, and moving players around on your active roster for that current week.
  • There is also live game updates to show how many points your players have made that day as the games are being played.


This app is great if you love fantasy football, and it only costs $4.99 and has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating.

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