Eggs iPhone App Review


If you love games and love to waste some time getting further in a game, this is a great app to get as it can really be a good one to help you pass some time.  The app i’m speaking about is called Eggs and it is for the iphone, ipad, or ipod touch.  The game is a 3d game that sidescrolls to give it an arcade feel to make the game very fun.  What is the whole point of this game?  The point is that you are an egg with legs and wings and you must help them get safely through a dangerous obstacle course of twelve levels by tilting your phone or device to help move the egg along.  The hardest part is that if you tilt the phone too much, you can actually crack and ruin the egg which is basically game over.

What makes this game different than other tilt games, is that this has a very fun arcade feel to it.  Much like the classic mario games of old, this game has a 3d level platform and is very intuitive and very responsive to the tilting methods on the phone. The game is challenging for all the people out there that love difficult games.  One minute you will want to kill your phone when you mess up, but the next minute you will log back into the app and keep playing to see if you can get past that pesky part in that one level that you just cant seem to get past.


  • Eggs is a fun arcade sidescrolling game which can be very fun to play
  • there are over 12 levels of obstacles to overcome
  • simply tilt the phone from one side to the other to control the movement of the eggs.
  • With the movement of the eggs, you can have a greater ability to lead them and guide them to safety using the big pillows at the end of each level which will then move you to the next stage of play

If you like arcade games, and like to waste some time on a quality game, this is a great game to play as it is easy to play, easy to move the character, and very fun to play.  Get eggs today and start leading and guiding them to safety.


This app costs $.99 cents and has been given a 3 out of 5 star rating.

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