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There have been many complaints with the Android phone that when you go to download something, it wont let you do it, or it just freezes and doesn’t ever seem to get the files you want.  Well now those days are over with the new Download Crutch Android app.  This app is a utility that allows you to accept other formats when downloading vie the web browser.  If you want to download an exe or zip file from a website, you usually get an error message on the phone with the default settings.  This app allows you to download non compliant file types in a web browser.

This app essentially makes your phone a computer as it can download files via a web browser just like a computer does.  With the app you can also run files from your phone directly on your computer as the app allows the phone to send files to the computer and even run them on the phone as a seperate device from the computer.  This is perfect as it allows you to boot your computer directly from your Android phone, genius!  For those that know what they are doing and want more functionality from their phones with files, this is the app for you.


  • this app allows you to download non compliant files from a web browser
  • literally any file can be downloaded from the browser to be used
  • you can also have the phone work with a computer to boot a selected file using the app.  This brings greater functionality to the SD card that the Android Phone uses to store information and files
  • The versatility of this app allows for file download that can be opened later when you can hook the phone up to a computer via a USB cable

For the computer nerds out there, this app is for you.  People that love computers and know what they are doing know that they want more functionality out of their items.  This app allows your Android phone to be more than just a phone, it is a boot-able drive disk and that bring a lot of functionality to your work. Imagine never needing a jump drive again as you can just use your cell phone to do all the things your thumb drive used to do. This is essentially what it makes your phone, a giant jump drive!


This app is FREE and has been given a 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating.

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