Doodle Kart iPhone app Review


The Doodle Kart iPhone app is a cartoon inspired racing game where you view the entire race from the top of the car.  You will love how original and fun this racing app is compared to other racing games.  As you progress through the 25 different tracks you will have the ability to pick up a number of different items and weapons that you can use on the other cars in the race.  For instance, one of the weapons you can pick up is a pencil which you can then fire at your opponents.  Another item will make your car huge and you can roll over other cars like a monster truck.

To unlock stages you will need to compete in the Championship Mode and get first place in your matches.  Depending on the difficulty level that you choose, this can turn out to be quite the challenge.  Stay on top of your game and get first place in all of your races to unlock the Dark Mode.

This game is a great time waster and is a breath of fresh air from the serious and uber-realistic racing games.  Have some fun, run over some cars, and race towards the finish line in the Doodle Kart iPhone app!


  • The game is geared around doodling so you will see lots of simple and basic graphics to complement the style of the game
  • There are 5 different environments that you can play in and customize
  • There are 5 tracks in each of the environments so that means there are a total of 25 different tracks to compete on
  • You will find seven different weapons and items that you can use while racing to hinder your opponents and get to the finish line first
  • There are other AI cars that will race with you and give you some fierce competition
  • A few different modes that you can play on including single races against the computer or a championship mode where you can race for the crown
  • You can control the race by either using the touchscreen or utilizing the accelerometer by tilting the phone
  • There are four different difficulty settings including Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare
  • You can play in either the landscape or the portrait mode, whichever is easiest for you
  • There is an option that you can pick that will automatically give the car gas while you race
  • There is a dark mode that you can uncover in the game
  • You can toggle whether or not you want weapons to be allowed in the races
  • Each time you race, the app will save your best times for each track so that you can go back later and try to beat them as your skills improve
  • There is both a pause game and a resume game feature
  • As well as recording your own personal best scores, you can also get online and see global scores from other competitors across the world


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and only costs $0.99 to download.

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