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Many of us like to travel and share pictures of the family vacation or far away place we’ve been with a family member or friend.  This sharing allows us to re-live the moments we had at these exotic places and helps to ingrain the memory of it into our minds so that we won’t forget.  We also do this with children as we take pictures of them as they grow up in life so that we can look at them later and remember those moments we had with them as they were young.  Have you ever thought about applying this idea to food, or even wine?

Well there is an app that can help you keep a scrap book of sorts when it comes to wine.  If you love wine, you have probably had an interesting journey that has had you tasting many different types of wine.  Each culture, place, and country has its own versions and concoctions of wine that taste really good, bad, or somewhere in between.  To help you remember these experiences and share them with your friends, the new corbin app has been created for the iphone.


  • Corkbin is a sleek app that allows you to take a picture of the wine you have just tasted
  • You can then write a review on this wine and attach it to the picture you have taken
  • the app will keep a calendar page that shows the picture of the wine with the date on it.
  • To go back and see what you wrote or which wine you tasted on a certain day, simply tap on the selected day within the app to bring up the information you are seeking for
  • The app works offline so you can still see what types of wine you tried out
  • you can then send the day that you tried a wine you liked to a friend as an e-mail, text message, or you can post it on your social networking site such as facebook or twitter.

This app was created by wine lovers that wanted to help people capture and share their own journeys through the fascinating world of wine.  With this app you can easily capture the wines that you love and share them with your friends and help them see what wines are available in their area that you like.


This app costs $.99 cents and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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