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We all pick up our phones when we have to sit down and wait for something.  We either play a game, surf the web, or check our facebook updates.  Why not play a classic game that is always fun?  Chess has made it to the Android platform and has  made a splash with this new app.

Chess for Android features: Fischer random chess, 50 puzzles, 2000 practice positions, set up the board, and use as a chess board.  You can easily save and edit games with this app and navigate through your history to analyze the previous games you have played.  You can use the integrated database to import and export games via your e-mail or clipboard.  The interface s touchscreen based and very easy to use.  The also really nice thing about his app is that there are no ads that show and the professional version offers extra levels, 500 puzzles, larger opening database, unlimited saving of games, and you can go right tot he developers website for support and questions to be answered.


  • 50 puzzles
  • 2000 practice positions
  • extra levels
  • touchscreen interface
  • import and export games
  • different difficulty levels of play
  • import and export with the PGN tool
  • unlimited saving of games
  • large opening database

As you can see, this app made by jwtc is a classic board game that anyone can enjoy.  There are several different difficulty levels and the game play is customizable within the app.  Another very cool feature that we found ourselves using all the time was the play by play step through mode in which the phone will show you what moves to take to get out of a sticky situation.  This training part of the app is great for when you play with your friends and get in hard situations in which you normally wouldn’t know what to do.

The game play is very simple as you pick the piece you want to move and the app shows you where you can move the piece according to the movement rules of each chess piece.  This game is very challenging and is a great way to keep you interested and able to pass the time while keeping you mentally awake and alert.  If you like chess, you should really give this app a try.


The Chess app for Android costs $.99 cents and has been given a  3 out of 5 star rating by other android phone users everywhere.

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