Bunz Figher iPhone App Review


If you are tired of free games that look like crap, you can rest relieved as this new game for the iphone delivers.  The game is called Bunz Fighter and it is action packed with great original graphics and animations.  The game looks slick and has a fun premise to it.  In the year 3XXX, a mysterious evil force has surreptitiously developed a destructive weapon in Earth’s orbit which can annihilate any given target. You have been selected to pilot the newest ultimate fighter “Bunz Fighter”. Your mission is to neutralize the weapon before it devastates the world. Suit up, strap yourself in, and prepare to fight!

When it comes to 2d shooters, this is a fun and action packed game that has a lot of power to the punch.  This game also allows you to adjust the gameplay, graphic and sound settings in-game to suit your playing style and device functionality. You can have the even nicer graphic effects on a more advanced device such as iPod Touch 3rd Generation.Do not worry even if your gaming skills aren’t that good. This game provides different difficulty settings for both the casual gamer and the pro-gamer!  There are four unique weapons for you to use, collect the same one to level up it or collect the different one to change it! Some weapons even have special function if you specify the target location for it… (Use your finger to specify the targets)


  • The game is Open Feint compatible which means you can see the leaderboards and also compete with your friends for the top spot to become the king of the scores.
  • The game is polished and free to download.  The artwork is original and has original animations to go along with it.
  • The game is also easy to play as the game play controls are quite easy to use
  • The app also has a clean navigation bar and is easy to select the different options
  • you can change settings while in game play mode to suite your style of playing and the look you prefer

For free games, this is a great app that allows you to really have some fun and blow through some time quite quickly.  If you have been looking for a good free game to download, this is it!


This game has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating and has been able to be downloaded for FREE

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