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In the world of contact information and sharing it, nothing is more frustrating than to try and share information and have it take forever.  The old way of sharing information involved the other person pulling up their contact software on their phone and then typing in all of your information which took forever.  Some phones can now e-mail contact info as a vcard, but there is an even easier way to do this.  The Bump app that exists on the iphone has just been translated and converted to work with the Android platform.  Bump is a great and easy way to hurry and share some contact info.  Note that both parties need the app, but its free and is quick to download.  You simply open up the app, pick the information you want to share, and bump it to the phone you want to share with.  When the two phones bump, the information that you wanted to share gets transmitted to the other phone and vise a versa.  It makes sending contact information easier than ever as you simply do a fist bump with you phone to exchange contact information.


  • this app offers a very quick solution to exchange contact information, pictures and even android apps
  • One of the easiest ways to share information between two phones
  • one really cool thing is that it works between android and iphones so you can get a contact information from a person using an Iphone device
  • the app will not allow you to send music, but you can send pictures and contact info via android or iphone
  • The app loads quickly and has a very fast approach to letting you easily select the information you want to bump and then just bump it to the phone that you want to send the information too

If you have contact information that you need to share with others, this is a great free app that will not only help you to share information with other android users, but it also bridges the gap between both the android and the iphone platforms for data sharing.  Get this app today as its free and you have nothing to lose except frustration and the old long times of sending information.  this is a great app with a great design and sleek navigation screens.


This app is free and has been given a 5 out of 5 user rating by others who have used this app.

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