Blockx 3d Pro Android App Review


Blockx 3d Pro for the Androi app is a very fun game to play.  The app offers a very 3d, classic game with a new twist.  The ultimate 3d brain teaser type of game to keep you interested while sitting to wait for an appointment, or to play on a very long car ride.  The game offers a customizable pit, 3 block sets, and customizable controls.  Autosave and global high scores are also accessible and it offer landscape mode support for you android phone so you can see the most on the screen.

If you are a tetris lover, this is the game for you.  This game follows the classic Tetris gameplay in that it is exactly the same, except that the difference is the angle and perspective that you are playing the game.  The perspective of Blockx is that of looking down in a 3d world as the blocks get lower to the bottom of the other pieces.  This is a huge twist on the game and really makes you think in a totally different way as you play.  you now have to thing about 3d layers and how they fit instead of the 2d game play of the original tetris.

The game is like thinking about Tetris, but to the next dimension.  The game is fun, challenging, and a very addictive type of game.  The only con to the game is that the controls are a little bit confusing and it takes a moment to kind of understand how the game has to be played.  Once you kind of figure this out, the controls are not such a big deal because you can customize them to the way that you like them.


  • This is the classic tetris game but in a 3d dimension
  • allows for landscape mode for those that like to play games that way
  • gives a totally different feel and perspective on the classic tetris game
  • allows you to post your high score online so that your friends and others can see what you have accomplished
  • you know the layers are correctly filled by seeing the different colors of the blocks as they will match.
  • allows for tackpad control or touch control on touch screen phones.

This is a fantastic game with a really fun twist which you really will enjoy.


Blockx 3d pro costs $.99 cents and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating so far by other Android Users.

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