All City Art iPhone App Review


If you love art and love to go see it in your local area, then this is the app for you.  All City art for the iphone gives you a hand held guide to street art from all around the world.  You can easily tag and upload street art spots you find and you can discover new ones you haven’t even heard of with the help of this app.  You can look at artist bios and share your favorite artwork with friends.  Quickly locate nearby galleries for more inspiration and find art supplies for when you have that creative urge to make something fantastic.  You can even put your scene on the map with all city for the iPhone.

You can browse and find GP locations that show you the street of where the art pieces are and spots nearby.  You can even search and filter by rating, location, artist or recent uploads.  You can see in app web resources provided for additional artist info.  Locate and contact galleries and shops to learn even more about art that has been uploaded.


  • The fun thing about this app is that it lets it’s users contribute to the database of art.  This means if you see some street art, you can easily upload it with your mobile camera and give the name of the street where it is located.
  • rate images and share your comments on art that you find while you travel around
  • keep the databse fresh, and report buffed art or edit incorrect info
  • connect and navigate with the app to help you find new areas and explore the best art abroad
  • see what local users are uploading at any given time with the help of the app
  • share your finds via email and twitter with friends or family.
  • Find the street art that just inspires you and gives you that tingly feeling so you can enjoy the art around you

If you love art, this is a great app as it helps you find local art where ever you are so that you can get new ideas and even comment on it.  This is a cool app that shows some really fun street art to help a person gain the most out of looking for art in their local city or town.  If you love art, you need this app!


This app costs $1.99 and has been given a 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating.

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