Airhorn iPhone App Review


Do you like apps that are fun and give you some enjoyment?  Of course you do!  Have you ever heard of the airhorn app for the iphone?  If not, you have nothing to lose by downloading it as it is free to download and easy to use.  You simply open up the app, and press on the screen to get the airhorn effect.  Where in the world would you use this app? There are several applications, but to name a few, sporting events are great ones.  The reason why is because an airhorn is loud and can be heard very easily.  This is the perfect app to have in order to make your opposite team go crazy when they are shooting free throws of if they have to do a penalty kick etc.  This is also a really fun way to scare the heck out of your friends.

The app is super easy to use and has a super slick design.  Tap the air horn to get louder as the volume will increase until you just can’t stand it anymore.  The app is a fun way to scare someone, get people’s attention, or to start a race using an airhorn.  Get this app for free as it will cost you absolutely nothing.


  • the app is free and does not cost you anything to download
  • the app is easy to use as you just tap the screen for the airhorn sound and then continue tapping until it gets louder and louder.
  • use the app for several different instances such as sports games, attention getters, and just a fun way to scare someone in a quiet setting.
  • If you love apps that have some fun practical uses, you will love this app called Airhorn for the iphone, ipad, and the ipod touch.

Get the best sound that you can with this fun app as it gives you the best way to get the sound that you need from your small hand held device.  This app will allow you to get the attention of people everywhere as you sound that unique air horn sound.  Get with the program and do the airhorn sound today!


This app costs nothing as it is free for users to download and it has gotten a 2 out of 5 star rating by people who have downloaded this app and then given their review on it on the app store site.

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